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From Arwensmallelf:

If jeusus died so that one could be forgiven...?

This is just one of the many things in christianity, aand all it's branches, I don't understand. if jesus died so that the sins of man could be forgiven then what difference does it matter if you do something wrong? if you are forgiven when you die.

FYI: i know i can't spell, and a little note i'm not christian and i don't have a god. don't try to convert me or change my opnion. or pray for me.

From Anthony:

Would you travel back in time to stop Jesus?
-- To stop him from getting himself nailedd to a cross and founding the worst religion ever?
-- I think I could stop him. I think If I had a time machine that I could stop him good.
-- If we work together, we can do this peoople.
-- If I stopped him, I'd be saving his liffe. Isn't that even better than watching him die?
-- I'd kidnap the bugger and outwit any Roomans or Jews who were on the posse out to get him.
-- Peter didn't have a van.

From Vstrelyuk:

What is easter and what is it had to do whit passover?

From Forsaken13

Is man the true god?

When I stop and think about it, didn't man create the first religions? Didn't man establish the first reigning gods? Didn't man dethrone some (Zeus,Jupiter,etc)and put new ones in the throne? (jesus,YahWeh,etc) Isn't it man who fights and conquers others in order to give power to their respective god? Is not man the one who has shaped the Earth and created many things out of it? Is he not the one with the power to giveth and taketh away? Can he not choose to destroy the Earth? I believe gods and religions are mere tools of man: the true creator. He who rose out of nothingness and shaped the face of the Earth and its creatures.

From Vafa:

What is your defination of success in life?

From Ammok

Does anyone else hates bloody Christians?

I noticed that lots of them are in America. "Bloody Christians" are those who shout that they love Jesus, and Jesus is in their lifes and so on... and yet, they could easily beat the **** out of you if you curse them or say something like "Jesus sucks"... They are violent, more violent than any other people who don't have any religion at all. The have the tendency to make justice with All costs and they are easily irasscible. This is not christianity you bloody martirs(only in your minds)... (bloody - not the irish meaning, but the true sense sorry for my grammar mistakes, english is not my primary language)

From Anonymous:

Im a virgin at 20 years. some guys say to me"your probably a virgin" or you seem neutered..? What can I say as a comeback without acknowledging It?

From Anonymous:

Who is the most inspiring or amazing person alive today?

From Pacificwaves8:

Give me your favorite scripture on how to be a better person and why?

From Happybg3:

The end of the world will be because of all u bible beaters god is a myth!?

From Sol:

Looking for religious advice:

Am a recovering catholic..have a son and contemplating baptism (my family)..good point they make.."give your son a religion and let him decide down the line if he wants to continue to believe, but at least give him something to believe in"..i am still trying to figure it out..i like the teachings of buddha, but also the bible has some really good stories to believe in.. i would like a religion that allows questions and of ideas and debate...also the service must be energtic and full of life and song..not monotone and repetive (as the catholic ones offense, but i went to mass for 18 years of my life)... any ideas what that can be?? protestant, lutherian, baptist, presbyterian...any leads would help...

From Scott A.

Does God speak to you?

God speaks most clearly to me through prayer and the thoughts he sticks in my head... literally it is very often a coversation. He speaks most clearly to my wife through her dreams at night. Does God speak to you? How?

From Anonymous:

Are some human races much better than other human races?

From Anonymous:

When Jesus was crucified, to whom did Jesus Christ told "Woman behold.. your Son"?

From Anonymous:

Is the Biblical Depiction of an "evil" Judas, a source of anti-semitism?

From Anonymous:

Did you know that Jesus was JEWISH??

From Anonymous:

Isn't Intelligent Design as a theory just a little too convenient? Isn't it true that it was formulated just to counter the theory of Evolution? Religion should not be melded into science, the secular and spiritual concepts should be kept separate.

Agree or disagree?

From Anonymous:

Which religious type are you?
1. Theist
2. Deist
3. Agnostic
4. Atheist

No justifications, just the name or number please.

From ChristianA:

Christians misunderstood?

I find that people misunderstand sincere Christians intentions. I only want what's best for people. And Jesus is the best. I want people to go to heaven. I don't push people to change and rarely say anything. If UI am asked, I take the opportunity, it is my duty and hearts desire to share it with them. I only want them to find the true happiness and peace available. I want to see them in heaven. It hurts me to see the turmoil in the world. Yet people seem to think Christians think they are evil. I only have termendous love for them. Anyone else find that others are angry at Christians?

From Lovesalljesus:

Advise on how to witness?

The other day I ran into an old friend. She seemed really down and shared many problems with me. I want to witness to her, but not come on too strong. I want her to find peace and happiness in Jesus as He is the only answer. What would a good approach be?

From Mcsit2002:

I am a Muslim by birth living in Pakistan. I want to be a true/real Muslim. Whats i do in my life.? I listen a CD of Muslim Teacher, as he advised to adopt Islamic way of Life.It impressed me, I stopped shaving, I started regular praying Namaz 5 time a day. Whats more else i do to become a real true Muslim according to Quran and Sunnah, so that Allah Love me, and help me in world and bestow me Hevens hereafter.

From Religon:

Is there any one out there believes in God!?

From Anonymous:

Why can't Christians look past thier own ignorance?

You people question nothing over what you believe you know... I'm so tierd of hearing what god DID... What is he doing right NOW. NOTHING!!! How long have you people been waiting for Christs return? Brothers and Sisters God has forgotten about ALL of you.

From Robot_lords:

Do you believe in a higher power of any sort? Yes or No?

From BrianL:

Why do atheists always flock to questions regarding religion? If I didn't believe in something, I think I would go elsewhere.

From Pacificwaves.rm:

How do I forgive someone?

From Ricardoph:

Do people still believe in god?

I grew up in an agnostic house and the idea of God is totally foreign to me, But I dont understand how people believe in all those stories from the bible, dont they sound kind of unrealistic and riciculous to people?

From MakeMePurr:

Muslims believe in God, but call him Allah. How is this God different from the christian God? Isn't it just a different name because of their different foundation language?

From Gilysse:

Why is I good gal and none like me?

From Mocham:

Why can't we just follow ONE religion or just forget about it?
As religion is the initial of every war & terrorist acts.

From Anthony:

Where do Christians get news?
Specifically, where do you get your news?

From Happy:

What should I do if your parents divorse really did hurt you?

I've been ignoring the fact that my parents aren't together no more and not telling no one what I really felt about it. But now I don't know what to do it's kinda hard not to think about it but when I do I get real sad. What should I do?

From Ditzy:

What can I do with 5 grandchildren who are OUT of control??

I want to help my daughter out, but her children are so out of control! Fighting, screaming, climbing... Good grief! I thought MY three were bad! I had ANGELS! Ages are 2 seven year old girls, one 5 year old girl, one-three year old boy (and boy is he a boy! his name should have been dennis...)and last, an 11 month old boy trying to walk. I should have underlined 'trying'.HELP!?