Garrett's argument #2.

Arguments for the Existence of God
by Metacrock - edited by JMT
Used with Permission

XX. Garrett's Argument on Logical Necessity

This is an argument by a friend of mine named Garrett Soalt. I've linked to his board and website here if anyone wants to argue with him. He has another much much longer argument, but I don't agree with the conclusion of it, so I've put this shorter version up instead.

I think that God exists out of logical necessity and so does not need a cause anymore that something had to cause the law of excluded middle to be true.

Each thing has two 'modalities', an actual modality and a logical modality. There are three of each kind of modality:

A) Actual modalities:
1) 'actually necessary' in real world(could not have failed to exist)
2) 'actually impossible' in real world(could not have existed)
3) 'actually contingent'(not actually necessary and not actually impossible)

B) Logical modalities:
1) 'logically necessary'(the denial of its existence is a contradiction)
2) 'logically impossible'(the thing is a contradiction)
3) 'logically contingent'(not a logical necessity and not a contradiction)

Now if let L=Logically and A=Actually, N=Necessary, I=Impossible, C=Contingent and for example Logically Impossible=LI then these are all the theoretically possible combinations of the two kinds of modality that a thing might have:

1) LN-AN
2) LN-AI
3) LN-AC

4) LI-AN
5) LI-AI
6) LI-AC
7) LC-AN
8) LC-AI
9) LC-AC
Right up front we can eliminate four of these as obviously not occurring in the real world(for example, 6) LI-AC, couldn't be, since a contradiction is always false and so could not at the same time exist of necessity in the real world) . An we are left with these:

1) LN-AN
5) LI-AI
7) LC-AN
8) LC-AI
9) LC-AC

I find it very intuitive that 7 and 8 are impossible. If either one of those were true so would the other since logically contingent things have mutually exclusive alternatives that are also logically contingent.

An arbitrary necessity is something that is logically contingent but actually necessary. I believe they are impossible. If they are impossible they must be impossible of logical necessity which would mean it would have to be a contradiction that something be logically contingent but actually necessary. In other words I believe that everything's actual modality is the same as its logical modality.

This means that all logically contingent things must be caused by pasted decisions. Only life can make such decisions that effect the world therefore the existence of life in the whole of reality here and there though all past eternity is a logical necessity. And God is the ultimate life form-cosmic level determiner of reality's infinite state of affairs.

By Metacrock. Used with Permission.
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